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Case Study - Groundwork UK

Agile Working in the Birmingham Head Office

GW1Although flexible working, both inside the office and from different locations including the home, is becoming more common, there are still many organisations considering moving to that model. The Smarter Working West Midlands team recently worked with Groundwork UK to help them to change the office utilisation at their Birmingham site, so that they could reduce space from two floors of the building down to one.

Agile Working is still often seen as a technology issue, with people having the facility to work in different places. However, the Groundwork experience validates the findings of many other projects supported by Smarter Working West Midlands that the important issues are around working practices, team interaction, workload allocation and management.

These are not one off areas to be addressed but require ongoing management and adjustment as personal and team working needs evolve.

A case study which describes the project, including the objectives, barriers, benefits and lessons learned ...


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