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Improve Energy Efficiency and Reduce Costs

briarAss1A free buildings survey and report to identify ways of saving energy and cost, with
recommendations for action.

This service is provided through our expert partners, Briar Associates typically will provide two days of  free assistance including implementation advice.

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ora1For companies or organisations with significant quantities of organic waste, a free process survey with recommendations on how to manage the waste in a more eco-friendly and cost effective way. This service is provided through our specialist partner, Organic Resource Agency Ltd.


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1.  Comparison of AD technologies - In support of the client’s operations in the field of aerobic digestion, ORA was asked to review current technology in the field of Anaerobic Digestion and to identify technologies and technology suppliers currently operating and available in Europe.

2. Anaerobic Digestion Technology Comparison - Following the successful submission of a capability statement, ORA were asked to undertake a review of two dissimilar AD technologies that had been proposed for the processing of potatoes deemed not fit for packing for domestic sale and to determine which of the two technologies should be taken forward into the detailed design and contract negotiation phase.

3. Catering Waste Recycling at the NEC - A large exhibition centre wanted to investigate the feasibility of collecting food waste for recycling at its on-site restaurants and hence reduce the amount of catering waste it sent to landfill. Working with the client, ORA helped to define a scope of work and win WRAP funding for the project.

4. Potential Sources of Household Biodegradable Waste for STW AD Sites - Severn Trent Water have a commitment to improve their self sufficiency in electricity generated from biogas. Under a pre–existing Framework Contract, WRAP commissioned ORA to undertake a project for STW to quantify opportunities and identify at a high level the economic, regulatory and practical considerations that would help shape a future strategy for processing domestic and commercial food wastes could be at STW’s AD facilities.

5. Comparison of greenhouse gas emissions from landfill and AD - The client commissioned ORA to compare the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the treatment of food waste through anaerobic digestion (AD) to those arising from landfilling food waste.

6. Development of food waste collection service - Brighton & Hove City Council were considering implementing a household food waste collection service and engaged ORA to provide independent support, advice and life cycle analysis (LCA) to enable them to determine the best way of carrying out the collections.



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